Green Building

Home Plans We are proud to have built Eastern North Carolina’s first LEED Platinum home. The Platinum rating is the highest green-building certification from the USGBC and validates our commitment to building safe, sustainable and efficient homes. Watch the video or read more details about our LEED Platinum home below.
  • Efficient: $2,276 of annual utility savings.
  • Sustainable: Over 100,000 gallons of water saved yearly.
  • Safe: ICF Concrete walls maintain some of the highest wind and fire ratings available.
  • Trane HVAC delivers significant energy savings and fully customizable environmental air quality.
  • 90% of homebuilding debris is sent to recycling centers.
  • Kohler Dual Flush Toilets save an estimated 6000 gallons per year.
  • TED (The Energy Detective) software displays real time energy use and cost savings on your TV or laptop.
  • All appliances, fans and lighting are Energy Star rated.
  • An 1800 gallon cistern collects rainwater to feed the invisible irrigation system in the yard.
  • Rinnai tankless gas water heaters deliver 40% energy savings compared to tank heaters.
  • Environmentally friendly and recycled products are used extensively throughout the home.
  • Low flow bathroom showerheads and fixtures reduce water usage by over 30%.